• Medium Season 7 DVD Boxset

Medium Season 7 DVD Boxset

Model: DVD6eNBx



Medium DVD Information

Genre:Drama | Thrillers | Mystery
No. of Season:Medium: Season 7



Created by:

Glenn Gordon Caron


David Cubitt,Maria Lark,Sofia Vassilieva,PatriciaArquette,Jake Weber,Miguel Sandoval

Release Date:



Support both NTSC & PAL


Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Subtitles - removable

Medium DVD Plot

In the series finale, Allison received a phone call from Joe in the middle of a plane crash leaves no survivors. The episode cuts to seven years later, when Allison is an attorney in a case against a Mexican drug smuggler. Allison and Mary, now a teenager, living alone. Mary can not forgive his father who never visits as a ghost, something that affected all these years Allison. Through their dreams, Allison believes that Joe is not dead, but stranded on the coast of Mexico with amnesia. A crooked policeman Joe had hidden the past and used it as a drug mule to transport drugs confident. Against the orders Devalos, Allison reached an agreement with the drug dealer for the location of Joe. The two met, but at this point Allison wakes up in the present to see the ghost of Joe. He reported that his plane's engine failed after leaving Hawaii and no one survived the accident.

Joe Allison sent her lifelong dream of seven years in the future to show him that she can live a rewarding, independent lives. But Allison's love for Joe mastered the original vision and made an alternate reality where she found Joe alive. Ghost of Joe as Allison leaves crying, unable to accept the death of her husband. The episode cuts to 41 years later, featuring images of life, Allison has had. When Allison listens to a voice mail from her son, she collapses in his chair. In death, she is reunited with Joe, who was waiting for her and they kiss.

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