• Shooter [Blu-Ray]

Shooter [Blu-Ray]

Model: DVD6gR9k


Shooter Description
Genre:  Blu-ray
Directed by:  Antoine Fuqua
Starring: Mark Wahlberg
Danny Glover
Ned Beatty
Michael Pe?a
Tate Donovan
Kate Mara
Release Date:  March 23, 2007
Weight:  0.5 kg
Language:  English with removable subtitles

Shooter Plot

Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant and Scout Sniper, is one of the few snipers in the world whose sharpshooting abilities allow him to "take out a target from a mile away." He reluctantly leaves a self-imposed exile from his isolated mountain home at the request of Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover). Johnson appeals to his expertise and patriotism to help track down an assassin who plans on shooting the president from a great distance with a high powered rifle. Johnson gives him a list of three cities where the President is scheduled to visit so Swagger could determine if an attempt could be made at any of them...

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