• The Closer Season 6 DVD Boxset

The Closer Season 6 DVD Boxset

Model: DVD6vOBy



The Closer DVD Information

Name:The Closer

Genre:Drama | Crime
No. of Season:The Closer: Season 6



Created by:

James Duff
Michael M. Robin
Greer Shephard


Kyra Sedgwick,J. K. Simmons,
Corey Reynolds,Robert Gossett,
G. W. Bailey,Tony Denison,
Michael Paul Chan,Raymond Cruz,
Phillip P. Keene,Mary McDonnell,
Jon Tenney,Gina Ravera

Release Date:



Support both NTSC & PAL


Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

Subtitles - removable

The Closer DVD Plot

The Closer gives a true picture of humanity with both its exceptional and flawed moments. It is a full human experience,full of staying in tune with the characters, which allows us to accept, even appreciate, the dullness of day to day trivia as set side by side with the excitement of solving crimes, catching the criminals, and completing a valuable service.

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